How much will our transfer cost?

Return Dalaman/Dalyan/Dalaman
1 to 3 passengers £45
4 passengers £60
5 passengers £60
6 passengers £65
7- 15 passengers £75
Contact us for charges from other airports or for car hire from the airport (see below)
Can we organise flights and car hire?
No to the first - try your local travel agent or for flights to Dalaman. It is also worth trying Turkish Cyprus Airlines who are running direct flights from Stansted and Manchester to Dalaman, telephone number 020 7241 5523

Yes we can organise car hire, a B class car costs about £25-28 a day fully comprehensive from the same local firm used by all the big tour operators and all you need is your UK driving license. We do not recommend picking up your car at the airport as it can make an already tiresome arrival (Dalaman being very small) longer and hotter. We can organise to pick you up at the airport by a driver who knows where you are staying and for your car to be delivered to the villas on the day you require.
How far is it to the beach?
There are 2 options for getting to the beach which is 10 km by road, 2 km by boat.

Bus - there is a regular (every 20 mins) public minibus which can be picked up at the end of our road and takes 20 mins by a beautiful country road to take you to the quiet, shadier end of the 6 km long Turtle Beach. You buy a return ticket for about £1 and go back when ever you choose.

Boat - pick up a river boat in the town harbour, which is 10 mins walk from the villas. It will take you to the busier end of Turtle Beach and runs continuosly all day. Buy a return ticket for about £1 and come back when you choose.

Both ends of the beach have a small cafe selling cold drinks, toasted sandwiches and freshly made pancakes called GOZLEME. There are sunbeds and sun umbrellas to rent for the day.
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